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What is Autism?<br>A Complex DefinitionThe Wisdom of Student Loan Debt<br>A Cautionary TaleFinding A Mentor, Being a Mentor
Build on FailurePerspective is Everything!What is math fluency?
Faster isn’t always better  Learning how to LearnFirst-day-of-Class Message
Which is better?<br>Compliments or Criticism?Is “Follow Your Passion” Good Advice?Harnessing Anxiety
Getting Inspired<br>Where does motivation come from?&#65279;What is the difference between Arithmetic and Basic Math?College Bound - Why college is better than high school...
Tone of Voice MattersWhat is the premise of "The Unschooled Mind"?Is gender discrimination still going on?
Answers for "I'm bored!"Why is everyone talking about AI... And what is it? (TABE) Measuring Strengths and Weaknesses
Happiness and Intelligence - An Inverse Relationship?Just to State the Obvious - Not Only is Math Important...Why go to college? Or not...?
Embarrassing Grammar MistakesWhy I write these articles Homework Quizzes - A method to expedite checking students’ homework
A, B, C, Try AgainHigh Impact TutoringOn Being Focused - Staying On Task
Spring Purchase Season - Be PreparedThe Road Not Taken...Daily Life Mathematics
Characteristics of Successful Math TeachersThe Need for A Financial Survival CurriculumStart where the learner is …
Overcoming Obstacles to Thrive in SchoolSetting The Learning ClimateNew Year's Resolution Ideas
Celebrate The Winter SolsticeExpectations of the Season…Become an entrepreneur!
Winter Break – Enjoy, Catch Up, Get AheadIs sleep the answer to surviving exams?Don’t let the college math education requirement be a barrier...
How Far is Infinity?Different Kinds of IntelligenceRookie Teacher Memories
Education After the PandemicFinancial Literacy - Budget BasicsFinancial Literacy - Intro Investing
Intro Financial Literacy - Curb the Urge to SplurgeGoal of EducationBack to School Jitters
Prepare for Success with Pre-TestsStudents Seeking Part Time WorkTO TEST or NOT TO TEST
Yes!  We know!Students who make us better teachers...Importance of early elementary education
What Links Arithmetic to Mathematics?Surviving Exams - Minimize Test Anxiety"When are we ever going to use this?"
The "C" Student - A DiscussionLearning Math<br>Bumps in the RoadPrevent Summer Learning Loss!  <br>Stay Sharp!  Refresh!  Get Ahead!
Geometry is UbiquitousWhat is the difference between Arithmetic and Mathematics?Why Learn Algebra?<br>A discussion of the benefits of learning algebra
Correctional EducationSTEM Education -- The Future of Our Nation Depends Upon ItIntegrating Classroom Technology into the Curriculum
Technology in the Home School CurriculumDesigning Schools for the Present Age:<br>Thoughts on an Editorial by Bill GatesCool Art <br>...where art, science and math merge...
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