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Finding A Mentor, Being a Mentor

Finding A Mentor, Being a Mentor
Finding A Mentor, Being a Mentor
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"A mentor is someone who acts as an advisor to a less experienced individual."

Our first mentors are our parents, relatives, or guardians. As time goes on teachers are our mentors. Even a trusted friend can act as a mentor. As we develop specific interests, we find an "expert" for guidance.

A mentor exposes us to different perspectives, opinions, and thoughts. Not only young people but even as adults throughout our lives having someone to relate to and rely on for advice is incredibly helpful for growth and achieving goals.

Find someone you can relate to and rely on for advice. Guidance from someone you respect is so important. Someone who understands you and will give you the time to care about your goals and struggles will keep you on a good path. Be proactive and make someone your mentor.

Having a mentor and being a mentor can be beneficial to both people.

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