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A, B, C, Try Again - The benefits of retaking tests and quizzes

A, B, C, Try Again
A, B, C, Try Again
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A, B, C, Try Again - The benefits of retaking tests and quizzes

In my early days as a high school math teacher, it pained me to have students receive a D or an F on a test. Since math builds on prior mastery of a topic, I felt they would be lost going forward from that point on, so my grading scale became “A, B, C, or Try Again”. With that grading scale I gave students the opportunity to keep up with the class. To avoid penalizing A, B, and C students, I allowed any student to retake an exam and their grade became the average of their two scores.

It turns out there are many benefits to

encouraging students to retake tests:

Improved learning: Retaking tests provides students with an opportunity to identify their weaknesses and work on them. This can result in improved understanding of the subject matter and ultimately better grades.

Reduced stress: Students who know they have the option to retake a test may experience less stress and anxiety leading up to the initial exam. They may feel more confident knowing they have another chance to demonstrate their knowledge.

Fairness: Allowing students to retake tests ensures that they are not penalized for a single poor performance. This can reduce feelings of discouragement.

Differentiate student abilities: Teachers can offer additional support to struggling students, and those who perform well on the initial exam can be challenged with more difficult material.

Increased motivation: Offering students the chance to retake tests can increase their motivation to learn and perform well. Knowing that they have a second chance can encourage students to put forth greater effort and engage more fully with the material.

Overall, allowing students to retake tests can lead to a more positive learning experience and better academic outcomes.

Note: If students are taking MathMedia Educational Software tests and quizzes, the computer grades the tests and posts the scores.

Opinions and Analysis by: Illana Herzig Weintraub

Publisher: MathMedia Educational Software, Inc.



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