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Learning Math
Bumps in the Road
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In basic math education, students struggle with fractions when they have not mastered multiplication. We all know that math is sequential and when a student has "holes" in their math education background, they must be addressed by returning to the pre-requisites... that is the ONLY way students will feel the thrill of math success. These math lessons and math activities provide the proper sequencing to learn math or review for SAT prep, ACT prep or college placement exams. From basic math help through college algebra help, our educational software is here to assist the student in learning math.

In Algebra 1, students face the challenge of factoring polynomials, only to find out that once again, multiplication skills are imperative. Yes, we have the calculator but punching in 3x4 is a major waste of time when solving complex multi-step algebra problems. The calculator is wonderful for the study of trigonometry - but it slows students down when used for simple calculations that could have been practiced and drilled with the help of math lessons and math activities software which addresses not only the concepts of basic arithmetic operations but provides ample interactive practice followed by printable worksheets for reinforcement. Other Algebra 1 topics that require a solid arithmetic and basic math background include algebraic fractions and algebraic division.

In Geometry, there are several challenges. Learning how to write a proof in geometry is usually the first hurdle. We'll show you how to do it - how to think about it so that you keep it straight in your mind and write the proofs in an orderly fashion. The next big hurdle is learning all the properties of quadrilaterals - there is a lot to learn and practicing with various types of questions and problems enhances learning. The geometry software chapter on circles seems to always be a topic where students need as much geometry help as they can get. Additionally, for some reason the S.A.T. and A.C.T. have an over abundant number of circle problems. Right triangle geometry is a necessity for solving circle problems and being successful later in trigonometry. Math vocabulary is always explained.

Algebra 2 is a "buffet" of mathematics. Every chapter is a new topic having little or nothing to do with the previous chapter's topic. Conic sections have little to do with sequences and series or logarithms. Nonetheless, Algebra 1 skills are imperative.

Trigonometry relies heavily on a strong right triangle geometry background - trig is a very interesting course because it integrates so much of the prior math learning.

And, this is just the beginning of the world of math!
A Word About MathMedia Electronic Textbooks

As ebooks become more and more popular, some districts are replacing traditional hardbound textbooks with electronic versions of the same material.

As school districts introduce eBooks into their classrooms, teachers give students traditional textbooks to keep at home, and they use electronic books at school. Students use our electronic textbooks via online or local CD versions either on their own school-provided laptops or on the school desktop computers.

In some states, districts are moving away from old-fashioned textbooks entirely. School officials say eBooks have several advantages over traditional textbooks. For one, they are easier to update with new information. One of the issues surrounding textbooks is once they are published, they can't be changed. MathMedia electronic textbooks are upgraded continuously with even the slightest changes provided to our customers. Historically, we have not charged for these upgrades.

The growth of student enrollments also is easier to accommodate with self-paced instructional tutorial math software since eBooks can be uploaded to laptops quickly, instead of waiting weeks or months for a shipment of new textbooks.

Instructional math software has become an alternative to traditional textbooks as the use of electronic curriculum materials in schools gathers momentum. MathMedia began publishing electronic textbooks in 1993 with the same quality curricular content expected from a tradtional textbook. We now provide the entire interactive math curriculum in the form of elearning with our electronic textbooks. We are constantly upgrading and improving our quality math instruction as the need for eBooks grows.
This math site provides mathematics software programs which are curriculum-based math education. These educational software programs are self-paced eBooks, interactive, and instructional with math help just a click away. Each mathematics software program provides in-depth instruction for math tutoring from which students can self-teach and practice math problems with lots of understandable math help. Learning math is in the detailed explanations of this math software and in the solutions to the practice math problems! MathMedia will be your virtual math tutor as well as provide curriculum math software for teachers to follow in an organized learning system. Printable math worksheets are available for each section in the "Arithmetic Series". Comprehensive pre and post tests are available for the basic math series. Mathematics education teachers can use these programs as math lesson plans to provide a cohesive course of instruction.

With this math help software, students practice classroom math topics or prepare for the SAT or ACT by working from a menu of clickable topics, introductions, examples, interactive math problems and step-by-step math help. When the student answers incorrectly, they are provided with an explanation as to why their answer is incorrect.

At this math site you will learn how to integrate technology into the classroom using MathMedia math lessons - Learning math with math media educational software works - teachers use this mathematics software as math lesson plans to introduce topics, practice problems with the class and use the math worksheets and tests for evaluation.
This math academic technology is ideal for students who need instruction, practice, review or enrichment and for students who will educate themselves independently with this educational interactive math software.

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