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I donít know but Iíll find out... and get back to you.

I donít know but Iíll find out... and get back to you.
I donít know but Iíll find out... and get back to you.
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I donít know but Iíll find out... and get back to you.

These honest words show a commitment to providing accurate and reliable information.

My first year of teaching high school geometry (not having studied geometry since 10th grade!), I said those words pretty often. During my free periods in the teacherís lounge, I would corner an ďold timerĒ and learn how to teach by a master geometry teacher. I believe I gained respect from the class when I returned with a clear explanation of a problem that stumped me the previous day. Because I learned from a master, I fell in love with geometry teaching and subsequently wrote seven interactive tutorial geometry programs. Setting ego aside and calling up a hefty amount of humility set me on a very rewarding path of writing geometry software.

I had another opportunity to learn with the class when the first computers arrived at our school and I was assigned the first computer programming class for 11th graders. Once again having shelved ego and summoning humility, the students and I all learned together how to code, how to trouble shoot and how to find bugs. We had so much fun with everyone contributing as we learned together. We were a team with a purpose and it was exciting.

When it's an opportunity to learn togetherÖ

"Let's find out." "Let's test it."

When you should knowÖ

"I'm not sure, but I'll find out and let you know." "I'll look into it and get back to you with what I find." ďThatís a good question and I want to give you an accurate response. Let me get back to you.

Today, I see TV personality, Jim Cramer, take audience questions about certain stocks, and occasionally, he, with millions of followers will say, ďI donít know but Iíll get back to you.Ē And, he does. No shame in honesty.

It's always better to admit to not knowing something and then make the effort to find the correct information rather than guessing or providing incorrect information. It demonstrates professionalism and integrity in communication.