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Go for distance.
The benefit perseverance.

Go for distance.<br>The benefit perseverance.
Go for distance.
The benefit perseverance.
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We need not only starters, but finishers. Many people make resolutions to begin a new goal. At first, itís new, fresh, and exciting. But, too often, the enthusiasm wanes and peters out. The capacity for continuity (perseverance) is essential to go for distance. That initial burst of energy alone cannot guarantee long-term success.

Itís human nature to lose interest after a while. But those with staying power are in it for the long haul. The capacity for continuity separates the faders from the finishers.

Itís one thing to climb the mountain. Itís another to maintain each level. Sustaining enthusiasm is critical for producing highly educated people in a world needing technology specialists.

Leaving math students with holes in their education will prevent them from going the distance. With a weak foundation in Basic Education, how will they get through Algebra and Geometry, let alone Trigonometry and Advanced Math? Let's teach perseverance and help them go the distance for both personal growth and to be contributing members of a highly technical world.

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