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What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?
What are you waiting for?
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The time is NOW.

In 1992, when I told my father-in-law I had this idea for a math software company, his response was “What are you waiting for?”

In 2013, three years after my husband’s passing, I didn’t want to get back into my life and my 90-year old aunt said, “What are you waiting for?”

Now when I have a thought or a dream, I ask myself, “What are you waiting for?”

I remember a 37-year old mom wishing she had gone to law school but felt that time had passed her by because she would be 40 years old when she finished. I said “You’ll be 40 by then anyway. What are you waiting for?”

Just hearing those words is motivating.

Try asking the procrastinating student, friend or relative, "What are you waiting for?"

Tone of voice counts when saying these words. It's essential to use this phrase with sensitivity and empathy, since some people may have valid reasons for their hesitation or delay. It's important to understand an individual's needs and circumstances to provide appropriate support and encouragement. Once reasons for procrastination surface, some comforting purposeful words can be provided. The MathMedia “Values and Character Building” program is a great place to start.

Values - Character Building
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