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Can learning Algebra be amazing? Absolutely!

Can learning Algebra be amazing?
Can learning Algebra be amazing?
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Can learning Algebra be amazing?
Can learning Algebra be amazing?

Absolutely, unequivocally, yes!

You can even feel endorphins from exquisite math teaching moments.

One example from my career, happened while “deriving the quadratic formula”. I made a “big deal” doing that derivation for the class starting on the left side of a 12-foot blackboard. I began by saying that they did not have to take notes. Just enjoy the process.

Studying quadratic equations usually comes at the end of the year of a standard Algebra 1 class, so all the mechanics of solving equations had been learned. I told the class that the derivation of the quadratic formula would be on the next test as a 10-point extra credit problem. They were all in. And this was a very average level Algebra 1 class.

As I wrote on the blackboard from their guidance shouting out the next step and the next step – coaching them through all the steps of this elegant proof. At the far right having filled up all12 feet of blackboard space, the Quadratic Formula was derived, just as the class bell sounded. The applause was surprising and the enthusiasm was palpable. One of my many high points teaching math. And many of them received their 10 points extra credit – no pressure, just enjoying amazing math.

There can be many amazing moments for both teacher and students while learning math. We want students to love math. We want them to understand it and be ready for a society that requires computer scientists, engineers of all kinds, etc., and yes, even math teachers.

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