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Build on Failure

Build on Failure
Build on Failure
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Learn From Failure

An often-used cliche worth repeating is:

"If at first you don't succeed try, try, try again."

Persistence is the key. Many "overnight successes" spent decades achieving small goals along the way.

Example: The first geometry test of the year given to the students in my Honors Geometry class yielded tears and embarrassment from the most vocal most arrogant student in the class. Apparently that smart alack was humiliated by receiving an "F" on his test. He came up to me after class with an very red face and proclaimed, "This will NEVER happen again!". From that moment on he participated in class (with humility), never missed a homework assignment, never got anything less than an "A" on tests and quizzes, and by the end of the year he was leading the class at the board with patient respectful instruction. This is what I call "persistence" and "resilience" toward making failure serve his goals rather than succumb to defeat.

Advice for anyone facing bumps in the road: 1) Put down the time-wasters and focus. 2) Getup, dust yourself off. 3) Re-think your goals, do they need adjusting. 4) Make a new reasonable plan. A plan is an outline, not a cement block. A plan can be altered. A plan is a fluid adjustable path. Click below... 5) Find a mentor.