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Geometry Series - Full Year Course (Set of 7 programs)
Learn Geometry Formulas
Geometry Lessons with Proofs

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Product Description

Curriculum Description:
MathMedia Geometry Series is a full year high school learning program. It is a comprehensive, standards based course following the traditional first and second semesters of the high school geometry curriculum. It meets the National Common Core Standards for high school geometry.

Students experience a fun and challenging atmosphere as they explore geometry theorems, geometry proofs and computational geometry. Students can work through the 7 chapters in sequential order or they can go directly to any chapter or topic for review and further study. Geometry formulas and proofs are taught and practiced. Interactive help is available for each problem. These programs also teach and review the math and algebra skills that are required to solve geometry problems. Each chapter concludes with a comprehensive test, printable with or without solutions.

These programs automatically “bookmark” the student’s last viewed screen and will prompt the student to return to that screen upon their return.
Geometry Series Curriculum Syllabus

Geometry Series Learning System

The Geometry Series includes:

First Semester Geometry Lessons:
(1) Theorems & Definitions and Proofs
(2) Parallels & Quadrilaterals
(3) Polygons & Similarity

Second Semester Geometry Lessons:
(4) Circles (with Right Triangle Geometry)
(5) Area (with Surface Area)
(6) Volume (with practical applications)

Included in Full Year Set:
(7) Coordinate Geometry (with transformations)

A comprehensive list of subject matter for each chapter can be found by clicking on the respective links below.

Each chapter has a Practice Test with hints and a Test without hints. Students may take the Practice Test before or after studying the learning sections OR before or after taking the TEST for a recorded score. The flexibility is there for the teacher and students to maximize the learning environment.

- Easy to Use
- Plenty of Practice Screens with on-demand help
- Practice Tests with hints and solutions
- Chapter Tests
- Each assessment is scored
- Score reporting to included database
- Bookmarking

Who it’s for:
This Geometry course is appropriate for students in High School and adults returning to their math education.

This program is an excellent resource for college math preparation to improve students' overall math skills and review and prepare them for more advanced mathematics (Geometry Is a necessary skill for success in Trigonometry) as well as standardized college entrance exams (S.A.T. and A.C.T.). This academic geometry software is suitable for high school geometry or developmental college students.

1 year of Algebra

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Program 1: "Theorems, Definitions, & Proofs"
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Program 2: "Parallels & Quadrilaterals"
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Program 3: "Polygon Formulas & Similarity"
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High School Geometry <br>1st Semester Set
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Program 4: "Circles" with Right Triangle Geometry
Regular price: $49.00
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Program 5: "Area" with Surface Area
Regular price: $49.00
Limited Time Offer: $24.50
Program 6: "Volume" with Practical Applications
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High School Geometry <br>2nd Semester Set
Regular price: $129.00
Limited Time Offer: $64.50
Program 7: "Coordinate Geometry"
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High School Geometry Series FULL YEAR<br>Bundle Price for All 7 Programs
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Bundle #2<br>High School Math Bundle<br>(24 Programs + Algebra Readiness Test)
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