Tutorial math and reading software for elementary and secondary arithmetic, basic math, algebra, geometry, precalculus plus GED, ABE, and CLEP preparation for elementary school, high school, college, adult education, and homeschool students.

For full time or part time home school math education

Technology in the Home School Curriculum
Technology allows education to take place anywhere, any time, and any place. Using computers to enhance the home school learning environment is beneficial and necessary. For this reason, home school learners benefit greatly from our math software product line. Some home schoolers use our math software curriculum as their only learning tool and others use it to complement textbook and classroom work. This software is excellent to learn from scratch or fill in the "gaps". Learn elementary math through high school math with this educational math software.

Adding math software to your home school curriculum will benefit both students who require an extra boost to supplement their class work at school or the student who is a full time home school student. Home school math can be very challenging to teach at home. With this software, the parent/facilitator can direct the math learning while the math software will do the teaching, offer the appropriate practice problems with systematic interactive solutions, concluding with a test, which will record strengths and weaknesses. Home schooling is what you make it - whether it is a part-time or full time endeavor. The home school curriculum needs to include a serious math curriculum so that the homeschooler will be able to compete on par or above his grade level peers. This interactive comprehensive math software will assure that the homeschooler is missing no part of the math education curriculum.
Although our mission and vision has been to accommodate school math programs, home users may purchase our software as a download here at our website.

Select your home school math curriculum from the menu buttons on the left side of this page. We encourage you to make your home schooling experience as excellent as possible using MathMedia as your home school curriculum for a quality math education. The cost of one MathMedia software program equals about one hour of professional math tutoring time and each program has hours and hours of content equivalent to weeks of classroom time.
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Arithmetic Series<br>PLUS  "Word Problems"
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Purchase all 6 Basic Math Programs for a Bundle Price<br>Basic Math Series + Word Problems for Basic Math
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Reading Comprehension-Critical Thinking Series with Phonics, Grammar, & Values
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Bundle #1<br>All-In-One Basic Education Bundle<br>Math and Language Arts<br>(18 Programs + Placement Test)
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Algebra by Chapter (Set of eight programs)
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Algebra by Topic<br>(Set of Four Programs)
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Regular price: $299.00
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Advanced Mathematics
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GED<sup>&reg;</sup> Test Prep Bundle - Higher Expectations (Test Prep Bundle of 23 Programs)
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GED - Beginning Practice Test for Math<br>(Over 100 Problems!)
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PSAT / SAT - Math Practice Tests
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Bundle #2<br>High School Math Bundle<br>(24 Programs + Algebra Readiness Test)
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Bundle#3<br> ENTIRE MathMedia Product Line<br>(including ABE, SAT, and CLEP)<br>K-College Math and Reading<br>(44 Programs)
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