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Algebra Software Series by Chapter (Set of 8 programs)

Algebra by Chapter (Set of eight programs)
Algebra by Chapter (Set of eight programs)
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Learn Agebra

Curriculum Description:
MathMedia Algebra Series by Chapter software is a comprehensive, standards-based full year Algebra 1 and and first semester Algebra 2 course. This academic computer math software follows the traditional high school Algebra curriculum used in high quality Algebra textbooks. The programs are designed just like the contents of an Algebra textbook - start with Chapter 1, page 1 or jump around to the topics you need to learn. Each of the 8 Chapters is made up of learning sections. Each learning section has a corresponding quiz. Chapters include both a comprehensive practice-test and post-test. Post-tests provide an assessment of the chapter and diagnosis strengths and weaknesses for the learning sections studied in the chapter. 80 quizzes to test learning for each section of each chapter.
Algebra Series Curriculum Syllabus

MathMedia Basic Math Pre-Test

MathMedia Algebra Pre-Test

Algebra Series Learning System

Algebra Series By Chapter includes
8 Chapters:

First Semester: Chapters 1 - 4
CH1: Basic Algebra Concepts
CH2: Inequalities & Open Sentences
CH3: Linear Functions
CH4: Polynomials - Products & Factors

Second Semester: Chapters 5 - 8
CH5: Rational Expressions (Algebraic Fractions)
CH6: Roots, Radicals & Complex Numbers
CH7: Quadratic Equations
CH8: Variation & Advanced Polynomial Equations

Curriculum Note: These 8 algebra software chapters represent the first full year of Algebra 1 as well as the first semester of Algebra 2. Advanced Algebra students should complete both this "Algebra by Chapter Series" and the "Advanced Math Series" which would then be the equivalent of 2 years of Algebra (Algebra 1 and Algebra 2), a complete course of Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus topics and Calculus Basics.

A comprehensive list of subject matter for each chapter can be found by clicking on the respective links below.

The Algebra Series by Chapter software takes the student through Algebra 1 from the very beginning -- just like starting a textbook on page 1. Each chapter introduces and teaches an algebra topic. Students work through interactive practice problems with step by step explanations that unfold upon request. As students progress through the problems presented in each section, they encounter more challenging types of problems representative of Algebra 2 difficulty level.

Algebra Problem Solving
Since learning math word problems are always challenging for students, each program in this Algebra software series has a separate section of Algebra word problems.

Every section of every program has a corresponding quiz to test the student's achievement. Scores are calculated and automatically sent to the included database. Use the quizzes for placement or accountability. Once the students have proven proficiency, they will take the Practice Test which contains questions from all the learning sections in the chapter and includes HINTs and solutions. After the Practice Test, students will take the concluding Chapter Test which will be scored and recorded.

These programs automatically “bookmark” the student’s last viewed screen and will prompt the student to return to that screen upon their return.

- Easy to Use
- On Demand Audio in Chapters 1 - 4 (release date: January 2012)
- Plenty of Practice Screens with on-demand help
- Section Quizzes (80 total quizzes)
- Practice Tests with hints and solutions
- Chapter Tests
- Each assessment is scored
- Score reporting to included database
- Bookmarking

Who it’s for:
This Algebra course is appropriate for students in middle school through college. It is recommended for high school Algebra 1 and 2 students, and intermediate Algebra or college Algebra students. Algebra 2 and intermediate Algebra students must master these 8 chapters before moving on to more advanced math topics.

This program is an excellent source for college math preparation to improve students' overall math skills and review and prepare them for more advanced mathematics as well as standardized college entrance exams (S.A.T. and A.C.T.)

Algebra Basics (Pre-Algebra)

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Chapter 1:<br>Learning Basic Algebra Concepts
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Chapter 2:<br>Inequalities & Open Sentences in One Variable
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Chapter 3:<br>Linear Equations in TWO Variables
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Chapter 4:<br>Polynomial Products & Factors
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Algebra Software<br>1st Semester Bundle (Ch 1 - 4)
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Chapter 5:<br>Rational Expressions<br>(Algebraic Fractions)
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Chapter 6:<br>Square Roots, nth Roots, Radicals & Complex Numbers
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Limited Time Offer: $24.50
Chapter 7:<br>Quadratic Equations
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Limited Time Offer: $24.50
Chapter 8:<br>Variation and Advanced Equations
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