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Expectations of the Season…

Expectations of the Season…
Expectations of the Season…
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At this point in history, humans own more “stuff” than ever before. People do not want more material goods. Goods are so accessible people do not need to wait for the holidays to get what they want. Do we want to continue to make the holidays so stressful trying to find the right gift?

Re-think gifting without being a scrooge. Give your loved ones “consumable” gifts, such as flowers or plants, or homemade food items. Give experiences such as gift certificate to a movie, live theater productions, concerts, or sporting events. Give the gift of learning with classes or lessons. Sending donations to a worthy cause in the name of a loved one is a great act of kindness. If you don’t already have a favorite charity, check out Charitynavigator.org.

Instead of running around from store to store in traffic as well as during economic crunches, give your time. I used to make gift certificates for my son. He especially liked the gift of my driving time. I would offer him two hours of my driving time to go anywhere in any direction even with no destination in mind – just “turn right”, “turn left”, “go straight”, etc just to spend time together and explore. One year we were driving in an unknown area and my son spotted an animal shelter and suggested we go in and “look”. Spontaneously, we rescued a puppy who we had in our family for ten years.

Other gifts of time, could be offering to do things for people. Offer a couple of hours of childcare. Offer a cooking lesson. Offer a few hours of yard work. Cook a meal for someone. Make a nice homemade gift certificate. The recipient is sure be appreciative.

The holidays are important. They build traditions and bring families closer. Changing expectations around holiday gift giving can be challenging. If this resonates with you, share this article and keep the conversation going. Enjoy the creation of new memories!

Opinions and Analysis by: Illana Herzig Weintraub

Publisher: MathMedia Educational Software, Inc.



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