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Chapter 8: Variation and Advanced Equations

Chapter 8:<br>Variation and Advanced Equations
Chapter 8:
Variation and Advanced Equations
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Start by reviewing the basics of ratios and proportions. Then, move on to the concepts of direct and inverse variation, for which a multitude of "real life" problems exist and are practiced in the word problem section. Long division is covered step-by-step. The power of the Remainder Theorem is explained and practiced before moving on to the Factor and Rational Root Theorems. The conjugate root theorem is used to solve higher degree equations which contain non-real roots. Descartes' Rule of Signs tops off the lessons on advanced polynomial equations. Conclude with problem solving and a test. (Functionality includes automatic scoring and recording of assessments as well as "bookmarking" for the student to return to the last screen they worked on in their previous session.)