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Learn all the exponent rules and factoring methods.

Chapter 4:<br>Polynomial Products & Factors
Chapter 4:
Polynomial Products & Factors
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Chapter 4:<br>Polynomial Products & Factors
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This interactive tutorial math software begins with the introduction to polynomials, an extensive study of the laws of exponents, mutliply binomials with the FOIL method, multiply polynomials, learn prime factoring, factoring polynomials with both few terms and many terms, learn to factor quadratics, solve polynomial equations and inequalities, and apply understanding in a word problem section. This algebra software program concludes with a test of understanding.

A factoring practice test is available and includes hints and complete algebra solutions. A 'real' test on all the factoring methods concludes the program and the student is provided with a score and an evaluation of the topics in this math software program which require further study. Algebra help is always available for every problem in this factoring program.

All types of factoring are studied and practiced. The student will learn and practice the distributive property – first how to multiply and then factoring out the common monomial. Students will also learn how to factor out the common binomial. Steps and methods are presented for the student to learn the nuances of factoring trinomials. Advanced factoring problems include factoring by grouping. Algebra help is available from the hint buttons on each practice problem. Students move on to solve equations using the factoring methods just learned. Solving complicated quadratic inequalities is also practiced with step-by-step solutions to coach the student to the final answer. (Functionality includes automatic scoring and recording of assessments as well as "bookmarking" for the student to return to the last screen they worked on in their previous session.)