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Algebra Series By Chapter<br>(Ch 1 - 8)
Algebra Series By Chapter
(Ch 1 - 8)
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Algebra Series By Chapter<br>(Ch 1 - 8)
Receive all the materials (Chapters 1 - 8) to learn a complete course of first year algebra! These 8 chapters also represent the first semester of an Algebra 2 course. (Functionality includes automatic scoring and recording of assessments as well as "bookmarking" for the student to return to the last screen they worked on in their previous session.)
Every section of every program has a corresponding quiz to test the student's achievement. Scores are calculated and automatically sent to the included database. Use the quizzes for placement or accountability. Once the students have proven proficiency, they will take the Practice Test which contains questions from all the learning sections in the chapter and includes HINTs and solutions. After the Practice Test, students will take the concluding Chapter Test which will be scored and recorded.
Curriculum Note:
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