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Algebra By Chapter (8 Chapters) + Pre-Algebra
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Algebra By Chapter (8 Chapters) + Algebra Basics
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Algebra By Chapter (8 Chapters) + Algebra Basics
Pre-Algebra is the ncessary first step for success in first year Algebra and beyond. Practice the Pre-Algebra and Algebra curriculum with Structure in an Organized Learning System

Begin learning algebra with "Algebra Basics" (Pre Algebra). The pre-requisite for learning algebra is to have a firm foundation in pre-algebra. Follow the study of pre algebra with eight (8) chapters (programs) of first year algebra software.

Learn algebra with step-by-step help offered on demand by the user. This back to basics algebra software includes the entire linear algebra curriculum necessary for success in first year algebra.

Each algebra chapter is structured and organized as an algebra text book with daily sections including introductions, sample algebra problems followed by practice problems with algebra help, quizzes for each section and concluding with a comprehensive chapter test (same format as a textbook). Learning algebra with software that is easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to follow from one section to the next is the key to success. Start on page 1 of Chapter 1, just as you would in a textbook. Conclude each chapter with algebra word problems and a test which can be taken for practice and another test which can be taken for a score which is recorded onto the included database. For detailed sample screens of linear algebra problems on each chapter of this algebra software, please click on the "Algebra Software" tab on the top left of this page.
If you are not including the "Basic Math Series" in your order, we suggest you include our "Algebra Basics" (Pre-Algebra) program in your Algebra By Chapter bundle -- perfect for those students who need learn the pre-requisites or to brush-up before beginning their comprehensive study of algebra. (A $49 value for only $10 when purchased with the 8-chapter set of the "Algebra By Chapter Series".) We believe pre algebra is necessary for learning algebra properly and thoroughly.
Learn algebra in this systematic algebra software program series, chapter by chapter. For comprehensive descriptions and sample screens, click on the "Algebra Software" menu button on the upper left of your screen.