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Purchase the 5-program "Arithmetic Series" skills programs
PLUS the"Word Problems for Arithmetic" program
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Arithmetic Series<br>PLUS  "Word Problems"
Arithmetic Series
PLUS "Word Problems"
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Purchase the 5-program "Arithmetic Series" PLUS the "Word Problems for Arithmetic". You will receive 6 programs valued at $300 for a bundle price of $189.
With this 6-program package, students may navigate back and forth from the "Arithmetic Series" skills programs to this comprehensive Arithmetic Word Problems program. Learn both arithmetic skills and arithmetic problem solving necessary for success on standardized assessments.
Please note: Word problems are also scattered throughout our 5-program "Arithmetic Series" - this new arithmetic word problem program is comprehensive and strictly for practicing problem solving skills.
Give students the opportunity to prepare thoroughly and comprehensively for not only standardized math tests but also to be a strong math student. "The more you know, the farther you go!"

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Program 6: Arithmetic Word Problems<br>Typical Standardized Test Questions
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