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Beginners! Start with a GED Practice Test Over 100 practice problems!

GED - Beginning Practice Test for Math<br>(Over 100 Problems!)
GED - Beginning Practice Test for Math
(Over 100 Problems!)
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By starting with the GED Beginners Math Practice Test, you will find out which math skills need brushing up. The test will tell you which of your math skills are mastered and which are not.
This interactive GED practice test math software provides every type of question which students will encounter on the "real" GED test for math. Two practice tests are provided, which mirror the actual GED testing. The first practice test allows the student the use of a calculator and the second GED practice test does not allow a calculator. The student will learn the GED math by practicing the interactive problems and studying the help and solution screens which contain step-by-step explanations.

Each test is scored and analyzed. The student will know which math topics need to be studied before going in to take the GED test. If the student has access to the MathMedia “Basic Math Series” software, review and practice of those weak areas can begin immediately. The GED testing includes arithmetic abilities and basic math concepts such as fractions, decimals, percents, basic algebra, and plane geometry.
When you download, you get BOTH parts 1 and 2. And, they reside on your computer for you to use whenever you wish for as long as you wish. The tests include step by step math help with scoring and an evaluation to tell you exactly what your weak areas are.
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Scroll down to see some sample screens from the product you will receive. You may also purchase this GED practice test software along with the “Basic Math Series” for a bundle price below.
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