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GED® Test Prep Bundle

GED<sup>&reg;</sup> Test Prep Bundle - Higher Expectations (Test Prep Bundle of 23 Programs)
GED® Test Prep Bundle - Higher Expectations (Test Prep Bundle of 23 Programs)
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GED® Test – Mathematical Reasoning
Students will be required to not only know HOW (skills) to do math but also WHY (real world problem solving – math reasoning).

GED® Test Prep students must continue to prepare by learning the skills in arithmetic (whole number skills), basic math (fractions, decimals, percents), algebra, and geometry. Additionally, students must concentrate on being able to solve word problems and apply these skills while becoming proficient in mathematical reasoning. The expectations are higher than previous GED® tests – there will be more arithmetic applications on one end of the difficulty spectrum and more algebra and geometry reasoning on the other end.

GED® Test - Reasoning through Language Arts (Over 100 Social Studies and Science Reading Passages)
Students will be required to read with understanding and comprehension in order to answer questions about the reading material. Critical thinking skills will be necessary to analyze the reading passages. Understanding word meanings and practicing reading passages will prepare the student in basic through advanced understanding of the English language and its nuances.

Learn the content, practice reasoning, and be able to apply this learning to the GED® Test. If you already have the current MathMedia GED® Test/Basic Education Bundle, you need to add more Algebra and Geometry. We have assembled a new bundle to cover the extended expectations on the new GED® Test.


These 23 MathMedia programs will prepare students for the GED®Test:
Skills Programs
Arithmetic Series
Basic Math Series
Algebra Series Ch1-4
Grammar Basics
Math & Language Arts Reasoning Programs
Arithmetic Word Problems
Basic Math Word Problems
Algebra Ch1-4 Word Problems
Reading & Critical Thinking
(Including over 100 Social Studies and Science Reading Passages)
Geometry – area, surface area, volume - skills and applications

The new GED®Test requires that more content be learned and that the content be used in reasoning situations. This new bundle for the GED® Test addresses the new content which will be tested. Below is a quote from a prison that has been using our previous GED® Test Prep bundle for many years:

"After discovering that our adult inmates were at 3rd grade level, we implemented MathMedia Educational Software Arithmetic, Basic Math, Reading, and practice GED-Math ... inmates' lives were transformed, ... their academic skills were improved... they passed the GED. Follow-up data indicates that the majority of the released inmates who participated in this program have been able to become productive citizens within our communities." D.W., Douglas County

Since the new GED®Test is more extensive with higher expectations, we have assembled this 23-program bundle to meet the needs. Also included in this bundle is Reading Comprehension practice which is necessary for the Language Arts portions of the new GED® Test. The Reading and Thinking – Level 3 includes over 100 reading passages in Social Science and Basic Science principles.

Many quotes from satisfied customers are located at http://mathmedia.com/whatdousthin.html .

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GED Testing Service is committed to making sure your students have the tools they need to successfully demonstrate their skills and abilities on the GED® test.

Effective October 6, 2014, students can bring in and use a handheld TI-30XS Multiview Scientific Calculator for any of the three test subjects that allow the use of a calculator: Mathematical Reasoning, Science, and Social Studies.

Here’s what you need to know about this change: • Students who want to use a handheld calculator are responsible for bringing their own TI-30XS Multiview Scientific Calculator • We’re republishing the Mathematical Reasoning test to allow for this change o The new Math test will include two distinct parts - Part 1 and Part 2 with a brief, three-minute break in between o Part 1 includes the initial test items that do not allow the use of any calculator o Part 2 still includes the embedded on-screen calculator, but now students have the option to use a handheld calculator • Students who bring in a handheld calculator must place it in their secure lockers at the start of the test • Once students complete Part 1, they can go to their lockers during the three-minute break to get their handheld calculator to use on Part 2 If you have any additional questions about how these changes affect your students, contact communications@GEDtestingservice.com.

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