Tutorial math and reading software for elementary and secondary arithmetic, basic math, algebra, geometry, precalculus plus GED, ABE, and CLEP preparation for elementary school, high school, college, adult education, and homeschool students.

Adult Education Bundles

Adult Education Bundles
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Adults entering or re-entering school or the workplace often need to take adult basic education skills tests. With the MathMedia computer software learning system, adults take these tests with confidence and meet or exceed the standard requirements.
Department of Justice

Department of Justice

"After discovering that our adult inmates were at 3rd grade level, we implemented MathMedia Educational Software Arithmetic, Basic Math, Reading, and practice GED-Math ... inmate's lives were transformed, ... their academic skills were improved... they passed the GED. Follow-up data indicates that the majority of the released inmates who participated in this program have been able to become productive citizens within our communities."
D.W., Douglas County


Job Corps

Job Corps

"After using the MathMedia product line in the Philadelphia Job Corps, we instituted this software in the New Brunswick Job Corps, and now we are using it in the Chicago Job Corps." W.C. III

"Thank you for your prompt service -- it is pleasure doing business with your company--"

S.B., Columbia Basin Job Corps, WA


Bundle #1<br>All-In-One Basic Education Bundle<br>Math and Language Arts<br>(18 Programs + Placement Test)
Regular price: $399.00
Limited Time Offer: $199.50
Bundle #2<br>High School Math Bundle<br>(24 Programs + Algebra Readiness Test)
Regular price: $699.00
Limited Time Offer: $349.50
Bundle#3<br> ENTIRE MathMedia Product Line<br>(including ABE, SAT, and CLEP)<br>K-College Math and Reading<br>(44 Programs)
Regular price: $1,588.00
Limited Time Offer: $794.00
ABE - Math
Regular price: $89.00
Limited Time Offer: $44.50
GED<sup>&reg;</sup> 2014 Test - Higher Expectations (Test Prep Bundle of 23 Programs)
Regular price: $684.00
Limited Time Offer: $342.00
GED - Beginning Practice Test for Math<br>(Over 100 Problems!)
Regular price: $39.00
Limited Time Offer: $19.50