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Trigonometry - Part 2

Trigonometry - Part 2
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Trigonometry - Part 2
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Academic Computer Software for Trig Help to Learn Trig Identities, Trig Proofs and Trig Formulas with explanations, examples and interactive practice with step-by-step solutions. Conclude with a comprehensive test.

Continue your study of Trigonometry with the following topics: Trig Identities, Trig Proofs, Double Angle Formulas, Half Angle Formulas, Sum & Difference Formulas, Expressions & Equations, Solving Right Triangles, The Law of Cosines, The Law of Sines, Area of a Triangle, Vectors, Real World Problems, Polar Coordinates, and DeMoivre's Theorem. This program concludes with a 30-question test printable with or without solutions. Available for immediate download. download math computer programs instructional math software educational math software academic math software algebra 2 help algebra 2 problems math media trigonometry software trig software trig help trig identities trig proofs academic computer software trig formulas trig functions trigonometry