High School Geometry
1st Semester Set

High School Geometry <br>1st Semester Set
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This set contains the first three programs of the series: "Theorems & Definitions with Proofs", "Parallels and Quadrilaterals", and "Polygons and Similarity" each providing in-depth instruction from which students can self-teach, practice with lots of understandable help, do better in their classroom, and prepare for the SAT/ACT by working from a menu of clickable topics, introductions, examples, questions and step-by-step help. Each stand-alone program contains a 30-question test printable with or without solutions. Patience for the perplexed and fast as the brightest -- it's up to the student. Extensive VOCABULARY sections and review of pre-requisites included. Print FLASHCARDS of theorems and definitions.
Includes Programs 1, 2, and 3.