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Conic Sections -- Analytic Geometry

Conic Sections
Conic Sections
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Conic Sections
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This conic sections program begins by reviewing the procedure for "completing the square" practice until proficient and then move on to find out what is a conic section. Begin the study of conics by reviewing and practicing additional pre-requisites: the distance formula and midpoint formula. All questions will coach the student though each step of the procedure to the final solution. The first of the conic sections to be studied is the circle followed by the parabola, the ellipse, and the hyperbola. Learn the difference between conics whose center is the origin (0, 0) and conics whose center is not (h, k). Learn the step-by-step process and practice graphing conic sections. Learn to identify conics from a given equation. Calculate the intersections of various conics. Study the geometry of systems of conics and move on to the algebraic solutions of conic systems. Systems in three variables (in space) are learned and then practiced in detail. Each section teaches graphing conic sections with practice problems and solutions. The conic sections program concludes with a problem solving section (word problem applications) and a final test printable with or without solutions. Puchase this program separately for $59 or within the complete set of the seven-program Advanced Math Series. Available for immediate download. download math computer programs academic math software download math computer programs conic sections graphing conic sections conics