Tutorial math and reading software for elementary and secondary arithmetic, basic math, algebra, geometry, precalculus plus GED, ABE, and CLEP preparation for elementary school, high school, college, adult education, and homeschool students.

What do users think?

What do users think?
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K - College and Adult Education Learners
Here are a few customers who have taken the time to contact us.
"After discovering that our adult inmates were at 3rd grade level, we implemented MathMedia Educational Software Arithmetic, Basic Math, Reading, and practice GED-Math ... inmate's lives were transformed, ... their academic skills were improved... they passed the GED. Follow-up data indicates that the majority of the released inmates who participated in this program have been able to become productive citizens within our communities." D.W., Douglas County, WI

CLEP customer emailed: "Got it downloaded. Awesome already!" J.K., Leesburg VA

Upon following up with a Geometry Series customer, received this response, " I downloaded it successfully....great piece of software!"

"We are really enjoying this software, it is a good product and is helping my advanced 10 year old make sure there are no holes in his learning." J.M., Dwight, IL

The East Texas Literacy Center purchased the MathMedia Arithmetic Series in March 2012. "Our students are really enjoying your program; it is the most popular software in our lab among our basic learners."

"I just wanted to one more time express my sincere thanks for being so helpful in understanding my situation regarding my crashed laptop with the Algebra series program. You were nice not only in your responsiveness but also in your demeanor. You saved me at least three lost weeks of study by providing me with access to the material for my desktop. You had a very loyal customer before, but now even more as I am not stopping at Algebra but will purchase the remaining two math series up to pre-cal. Once again, thank you very much. A.P., Miramar, FL Thank you for your very kind words - here at MathMedia we have a vision and mission of being as helpful as we can to those who want to learn. Good luck in your current studies and we look forward to hearing from you in the future.

"This software really helps me figure out math much more easily than studying books!" C.M.

A high school special education teacher called to say: "These programs are saving my sanity. They are a God-send. Wonderful programs. Our math education is at a much higher caliber now. I have more successful students than ever before." L.B.,New Albany, IN

"Two words = Very Impressed! Money well spent - thank you - this is just what I need to bridge any and all gaps in my math background." H.H., Ontario, Canada

"I am so glad to have found programs for my adult students. MathMedia programs do not talk down to students. This is so important for adult students." C.L., CFCC, FL

"These programs have been great for our struggling students." M.A., Academic/Skills Development Instructor, Davis Applied Technology College, UT

"My two 5th graders are now fighting over who gets to do math! What a great problem to have!" C.B., Round Rock, TX

"The teachers love how comprehensive it is - the students love the ease of use and we are using it everyday."
Boys & Girls Club, MS

A homeschool mother called to say that her son with Asperger's just "loves this stuff" and has "played with it all summer." S.R., Mount Enterprise TX

"Thank you for your prompt service -- and it was pleasure doing business with your company--" S.B., Columbia Basin Job Corps, WA

"I am a special education teacher with 20 students and after purchasing your basic math series in 2007, I was able to purchase your algebra series in 2008. The software is very "do-able" and very affordable. I never would've gotten funding for tens of thousands of dollars. It is working well for my high school students. Thanks for your great customer support also!" Floyd County, IN

"Your software is the best that I have seen for self-teaching." J.E., NM

"Not ONLY is your work the Rolls Royce of math instruction, it comes with a professional limo driver. Using it is like riding in a Rolls Royce WITH a limo driver!" S.Weisberg, MD, FAAP, pediatrician, Highland Park, IL

A homeschool mom said, "I like it - they love it! They relate to this system and ask if they can do it again. They are running around making 'thumbs up' [which the Aritmetic Series uses for positive feedback]. My son didn't want to stop the program and cried when it was time to turn it off because he was so tired from doing it so long. This is such an asset." S.R., TX

Regarding the Grammar Basics program, one customer wrote: "I love it! Absolutely fantastic!" M.P., New Carlisle, OH


"Thanks for sending the download I needed and, by the way, I have been working with your 'Basic Math Series' products, and they are tremendous." G.M., Eagle Mountain, UT

"My son is using the 'Basic Math Series' and he's really enjoying this math program." L.O., AK

“My 5th grade students were engaged and attentive while using the Basic Math Series. They enjoyed using the software for almost two hours each time they were given the opportunity.” J.W., Chicago, IL

"First, I bought the 'Decimal Basics' program for my learning center. I liked this learning system so much, that I then purchased the whole 'Basic Math Series' and the 'Algebra Series by Chapter'. After more success with my students, I am ordering the 'Geometry Series' and 'Number Sense' today. Teaching is great using your system." R.B., Miami, FL

"I am new at my school job and I was so worried about installing on a network. Thanks so much for all your help today. Your network IT consultant called me within an hour of my request. The quick response was fantastic. I got the programs installed correctly and working well, it was flawless. So glad you were available to help." R.G., Manchester, CT

"After discovering that our adult inmates were at 3rd grade level, we implemented MathMedia Educational Software Arithmetic, Basic Math, Reading, and practice GED-Math ... inmate's lives were transformed, ... their academic skills were improved... they passed the GED. Follow-up data indicates that the majority of the released inmates who participated in this program have been able to become productive citizens within our communities." D.W., Douglas County

"We purchased your "Geometry Series" for a very learning disabled student of ours and even though it took two years he has a completed a full year of geometry. We are so very satisfied with the results of using your software." P.W., Oseola, FL

"I have been so disappointed in the past with math software, that I was so glad that you offer a demo for me and my colleagues to review. Now, I know what I'm buying... no surprises!" J.H., Temple, TX

"I went through the "Algebra Basics" program during the first six weeks of school, because I felt like I was getting left behind in my algebra class -- now, it's the middle of October and I'm already ahead of the class! Are there more programs I can use to help me stay ahead of the class?" P.A., Wheeling, IL
[We suggested that this student continue in the "Algebra By Chapter Series"]

"I am currently in Calculus I in college and I absolutely love your “Calculus Basics” program. This program has been such an amazing blessing for me. I find class so much easier using this program. I just want to encourage you all to continue to make more calculus programs because I am an aspiring high school math teacher and I have to take Calculus I, II, and III. I hope that I can purchase more calculus programs from you all in the future. Thanks so much!" KB (pleased customer) Carrollton, GA

“I am actually pleased at the content driven focus of the software. We can use this in our secondary methods course as well as math methods.“ Simpson College

"I needed to test out of math to satisfy the entrance requirements for Vet School. MathMedia saved me. Thank you!" J.G., Champaign, IL

"I was installing on my network when I noticed that I had ordered the wrong item. I emailed you and everything is straigtened out now. Thanks for your help! You have an incredible response time!" S.D., Battle Ground, WA

"This software provides my daughter with the ability to learn independently, offering facts and helpful hints before providing problems for her to solve. It's working out very well . . . I think the software lends itself nicely to helping students throughout the year by supplementing any materials they get in a regular classroom." A. H., Tucson, AZ

"I highly recommend these programs to shore up and reinforce what the kids are learning." N.G., Valparaiso, IN

"These programs saved me when I had to take the math placement exam when returning to college. Thank you, thank you!" J.L., Urbana, IL

"My son, who is not enthusiastic about learning anything, tried this program and asked me to get more in the series!" M. C., Sommerset, NJ

"I had my grandchildren here yesterday and I wish you could have seen them. I had the 4-year-old on the PC doing 'Number Sense' and the 8-year-old on my MAC doing 'Addition'! They loved it. They were both very good with the mouse and once I goth them started they were able to work on their own. The 4-year-old needed a little help, but she is 4." L.K., Fox River, IL

"We're so glad to have found serious math software without flying ducks and frogs." Robert Morris College

"I recently came across MathMedia on the internet and ordered the pre-Algebra for my homeschooler. I am happy to report that this visual and hands on approach is just what my child needed to grasp fundamental Algebra concepts. I am anxious to look into several other MathMedia software choices not only for myself but for use by other homeschoolers." JJ, Anchorage, Alaska

"Without MathMedia's incredible Algebra software, I doubt if my U of C freshman would have gotten the excellent grades she did. Almost like a tutor that is available at all hours, for as long or as brief a study session a student needs... Thank you,Thank you,Thank you!" B.J.P., Chicago, Illinois

"The Trig program helped me so much this year! Especially helpful was the identities section with the step by step learning." M.B., Chicago, Illinois

"We've been using the "Basic Math Series" and the "Algebra Series" for almost two years in our Community College tutoring center and we are very pleased with the ease of use and the results. The software is perfect for our adult students." J.M., Cape Cod, MA

"As an algebra teacher, I am always looking for good instructional algebra software for my students to use in the lab as well as before and after school. With this Math Media algebra software, I am able to guide the instruction or let the students learn algebra at their own pace. And, what about Algebra Problem Solving which is so important to a complete Algebra education? Each chapter of this algebra software contains entire sections of Algebra Problem Solving opportunities!" jlw, Chicago, IL

"I just finished your full year of high school geometry instructional software with one of my special needs children. And even though it took us two years, he finished and feels the accomplishment of reaching a tremendous goal." kb, Kansas City
Two college students after observing math classes in their local middle school for one semester wrote this letter to the math department:

"We propose the purchase of MathMedia computer software to help teach the students math in a more exciting and interesting way. These programs will supplement teacher lectures... with progress recorded by the software, giving teachers the ability to see where more improvement may be needed. Another benefit to this program is to prepare students to take the Standards of Learning exams as well as teaching computer literacy.

Not only is math a difficult subject, but focus has become a major issue. Presenting material in this refreshing way gives students a second chance to learn the universal language of math. Learning through MathMedia interactive programs will give students the upper hand in getting ready for thse types of tests. Teaching software is an investment in both the students' future and also the school. The programs will help current students and also future students that pass through the door.

After doing research, some additional benefits include easy to use software that is both entertaining and educational. It is based off of establish curricula and is already in use in hundreds of schools ranging from elementary to college.

The program does not require much supervision and allows the student to navigate and move at their own learning pace. One major advantage this particular software has over other programs currently in use is that it is much more than just testing software, but includes actual lessons and gives hints on how to solve the problems. By using this more entertaining form of software, students will better focus on the material, leading to better retention and improved grades.

Having worked with these students for a semester has shown that they clearly have the ability to succeed, but the teachers require more tools to keep the children's focus and motivate them. The MathMedia software will provide this and much more, and truly is an investment that will pay for itself through the success of the children."
D.M. Middle School

These internet customers have taken the time to evaluate their MathMedia purchases: Order: 2041
Rating: Excellent
Price Rating: Excellent
Shipping Options Rating: Excellent
Delivery Rating: Excellent
Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent
Customer Service Rating: Excellent
Order: 2906 Rating: Excellent
Comments: When you promised to send a demo to me, I didn't expect the product to come sooner than expected.
Order: 2745 Rating: Excellent
Comments: I was very pleased with their customer service.
Order: 2736 Rating: Excellent
Comments: I received my order very fast. I'm quite happy with how my order was handled. Thanks MathMedia!!
Order: 2734 Rating: Excellent
My son used your geometry software during this school year. He felt it provided him additional suppport that was not always available at school and helped produce an A for both semesters. In addition, he felt that the software was an excellent review for the final exam. Today I am purchasing the Algebra Series by Topic as a resource for him this school year. Thank you!
Order: 2627 Rating: Excellent
Comments: I have been very happy with the Mathmedia software as well as the company's prompt and helpful service.
Order: 2601 Rating: Excellent
Comments: Received my order quickly. Software was everything I hoped for.
Order: 2579 Rating: Excellent
Order: 573 Rating: Excellent
Comments: My pre-sale questions were answered by a toll-free phone call, my order was easy to submit at the site, was received in a timely fashion, and easy to load onto my computer. The software itself is easy to use and, best of all, teaches math in a very understandable way.

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