Talk to us... we'll work with you...!

We are receiving quite a few "custom" requests for the uses of our software... for example, some schools do not have a 30-user network but they have 30 computers scattered throughout their school... some schools wish to hand out a software package to their students along with the textbook... one cyber-school requires a large number of individual packages to send to their students who are in a distance learning situation... some schools require a 10-user license or a 20-user license... some schools require a 50- or 100-user license, some require 200- or 500-user licenses. In ALL cases, we work with you on your special requests -- we want math to be "unlocked" for as many students as possible -- we know our software will increase the math abilities of those who are serious about doing so...

Therefore, talk to us... we'll work with you...!


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