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Reading Comprehension and Critical Thinking + Grammar Basics + Values

Reading and Thinking Series + Grammar Basics + Values
Reading and Thinking Series + Grammar Basics + Values
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Purchase the Reading and Critical Thinking Series + Grammar Basics + Values for a bundle price. (5 programs, $159)

Curriculum Description:
This K-Adult language arts series provides opportunities for critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making through reading and comprehension. Topics include facts/opinions, organizing ideas, word meanings and proper usage, logic, understanding prefixes and suffixes, inferring, hypotheses/conclusions, and values. The advanced level features important documents (Magna Carta through the Bill of Rights), Thinkers and Visionaries (Socrates through Steve Jobs), Famous Authors (Aesop through Crichton), Historical Events (Industrial Revolution through Medical Advances), and Vital Speeches (President Washington through President Obama).

The process begins with a statement of what is to be studied, proceeds to unrestricted discovery and consideration of possibilities, and concludes with a pattern for understanding that is based on the evidence in the given information. This Reading and Critical Thinking Series entices students to think and make conclusions. Practicing thinking by reading the situations thoroughly and understanding what is being questioned, forms the basis of improving critical thinking skills. Students will enjoy a fun and challenging atmosphere while improving both reading and thinking skills.

These programs were developed to help students to meet the ever-increasing demand for critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary for success in higher education and future employment opportunities. These programs add the language arts dynamics to our math programs and provide a well-rounded education.

The Critical Thinking and Reading Comprehension Series includes 3 levels:

Level 1: Beginning and intermediate readers will think about word meanings and proper sequencing of thoughts through beginning reading comprehension exercises. This program includes on-demand audio to aide early readers. This critical thinking program is good for young students as well as adults who are learning English and the nuances of the English language.

Level 2: Expands upon the topics in Level 1 with more challenging questions. The reading level advances progressively from elementary to intermediate level including summarizing and organizing.

Level 3: Expands on the topics learned in Level 2 and extends that learning to reading challenging topics in history, and literature. The reading level is for intermediate to advanced readers.

Grammar Basics: The MathMedia Grammar Basics® program emphasizes the language skills that will meet the student’s present needs in writing and speaking and also provide a foundation for more advanced language courses and foreign language courses. Learning the fundamentals of English grammar and usage are necessary for proper writing and speaking. This program, therefore, stresses the important basic grammar and usage skills. On demand audio is included for the entire program.

Values - Character Building The latest addition to the Reading and Thinking Series provides reading comprehension practice while thinking about the "Rules of Wise Conduct & Proper Behavior", qualities of respect, responsibility, and leadership traits, and "What is Happiness?".

A comprehensive list of subject matter for each program can be found by clicking on the respective links below.

Students work from a menu of progressively advancing topics. Students read, comprehend and answer questions using critical thinking and problem solving skills. Students check their answers and know immediately if they are correct or wrong. Help is provided and students then learn from their mistakes. Upon leaving each question students will know the correct answers. Each topic is scored and stored in the included database.

These programs automatically “bookmark” the student’s last viewed screen and will prompt the student to return to that screen upon their return.

- Easy to Use
- On Demand Audio in Level 1 and Grammar Basics
- Plenty of Practice Screens
- Each lesson or topic is scored
- Score reporting to included database
- Bookmarking

Grade Level Recommendations

Who it’s for:
These programs are part of that learning process for grades K-Adult and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). These programs can be used for young students preparing for standardized tests and high school exit exams as well as adults who are learning English and/or preparing for the GED or TABE.

Point-and-click skills, early reading and phonics skills

Delivery Methods:
- Online Subscription for Windows
- Downloadable for Windows
- CD for Windows
- CD for Macintosh - (Reading and Thinking Level 1 only)

Availability Options:
Purchase the set of 3 Reading and Thinking programs for $129.
Purchase the complete set of 3 Levels and Grammar for $159.
Purchase each title separately for $49.
Purchase Grammar Basics for $49.
Purchase as part of the All-In-One Basic Education Bundle - $399.00
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