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Program 3: Percents

Program 3: Percents
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Program 3: Percents
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This is the 3rd program in the "Basic Math Series"

MENU #1 is Understanding Percents: "What is a Percent?", Type 1, 2, and 3 Problems, Calculating Grades, and Percents in Sports.

MENU #2 is Working with Percents: Nutrition, Discounts, Circle Graphs, Percent Increase and Decrease, Percents in Geography, and Percents in Political Polls. Word Problems are scattered throughout the program. Mini-Quiz at the end of each section.
TEST: The program concludes with a test which is scored and stored automatically. A printout of the student's answers and evaluation of which sections require additional learning is provided.
This material is presented to classroom students over the course of years - some concepts beginning as early as elementary school and continuing through high school. Use this tutorial software to keep up with schoolwork, to learn at home, to remediate, to accelerate, as a course or as a reference.