Tutorial math and reading software for elementary and secondary arithmetic, basic math, algebra, geometry, precalculus plus GED, ABE, and CLEP preparation for elementary school, high school, college, adult education, and homeschool students.

"You're Going To Learn Math. I GUARANTEE it!" -- I. Weintraub, Publisher

The MathMedia Guarantee
The National Science Foundation (NSF) is about to publish research results on the study of technology's impact on math instruction. According to the NSF, the study found that tutorial software produces the best student outcomes. Since 1992, MathMedia has been proud to deliver tutorial software with the basics of math required for life and further math study. Not only do we teach the skills, we also teach problem solving using those skills. We scatter figural analogies throughout and call them "Brain Teasers."

"Students are lining up to use the one computer in our lab upon which MathMedia software is installed. As soon as we have the funds, purchasing a site license from MathMedia is our #1 priority." -- San Diego Community College [About a month later SDCC ordered their site license!]
Guarantee #1:
The "You Will Learn The Math" Guarantee
People who know how students think design the best software. We know how students think. We have experienced math teachers who help students like yours every day to develop a comprehensive understanding of the material. This results in learning math faster than students ever could have on their own. In nearly every case, we reduce a students' study time and stress level allowing them to reach their math education goals sooner than expected.

Guarantee #2:
The "Ship Within 72 Hours" Guarantee
We will ship your product(s) within three business days of receiving your order. And, best of all, your shipping charge will always be $5.00 for first class mail or USPS Priority (2-3 days)delivery for $3.85.

Guarantee #3:
The "Up and Running in 5 Minutes" Guarantee
Follow the install instructions and our software will be up, running, and ready for your students in 5 minutes or less! Teachers should read the short User Guide, photocopy and hand out the progress charts, show the students how to access the program, stand back and watch them learn!

Guarantee #4:
The "After Sale" Guarantee
We are as close as an email or toll-free phone call and we promise to respond in a timely manner. Ask us curriculum questions or methods questions or math questions -- we are here to help math students be successful.

Guarantee #5:
The "Satisfied Customer" Guarantee
We are confident that your students will be as pleased with our products as thousands of students have been for over ten years.
"I was installing on my network when I noticed that I had ordered the wrong item. I emailed you and everything is straigtened out now. Thanks for your help! You have an incredible response time!" --S.D., Battle Ground, WA
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