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Algebra Software Series - Algebra By Topic
Excellent for review
Prepare for college math placement exams
Algebra 1 and Algebra 2
Windows or Mac

Algebra Software by Topic<br>(Set of 4 Programs)
Algebra Software by Topic
(Set of 4 Programs)
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Algebra Software by Topic<br>(Set of 4 Programs)
This algebra software series contains the four most challenging topics for both Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. Learn Algebra with Interactive Algebra Help

Are you preparing for the SAT or ACT?
Do you need to take a math placement test upon entering college?
Are you returning to your math education?
Do you need to "test out" of math to save time and money?
If yes, then this series is for you! This 4-program algebra software series contains algebra tutorials for basic algebra 1, advanced algebra 2, and college algebra students:

"Functions & Relations"
"Factoring Polynomials"
"Exponents, Roots & Radicals"
"Algebraic Fractions"

Ideal for basic algebra 1, advanced algebra 2 high school algebra students and college algebra students who need algebra help. Each algebra software program for Windows XP and Vista, or Macintosh OSX begins with the very basic pre-algebra concepts of the specific topic and moves methodically to the basic Algebra 1 MENU and then to the advanced algebra 2 MENU for the more advanced algebra 2 concepts. Each program contains its own test printable with or without the algebra help solutions.

The Algebra Series By Topic covers those topics in both Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 which present the most challenges for students. These algebra tutorials are also perfect for the college algebra students who need to refresh their background or learn algebra topics from the past. Learn algebra by studying the algebra problems in the examples, then try the algebra practice problems using the algebra help screens available for each algebra tutorial.

Each program concludes with a comprehensive TEST with algebra help in the step-by-step solutions. The TEST may be used for evaluation purposes, additional practice or review. Excellent for those students preparing for the SAT, ACT, and college placement exams. Algebra software for Windows and Macintosh.

Purchase individually for $49 each or the set of 4 for $159.