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Basic Math for Adult Students<br>Prepare for the ABE/GED/NET/Praxis<br>Accuplacer/College Placement Exams<br>(5 Programs)
Basic Math for Adult Students
Prepare for the ABE/GED/NET/Praxis
Accuplacer/College Placement Exams
(5 Programs)
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Basic Math for Adult Students<br>Prepare for the ABE/GED/NET/Praxis<br>Accuplacer/College Placement Exams<br>(5 Programs)
"I am so glad to have found programs for my adult students. MathMedia programs do not talk down to students. This is so important for adult students." C.L., CFCC, FL

* Do you wish you had the skills it takes to get to the next level at your job? * Are you looking for a new career field? * Are you interested in some enrichment courses or in need of adult basic literacy education to keep you knowledgeable or prepare you for today's workforce?

Adult Education Software: MathMedia math software programs are written for students of all ages -- the returning adult math education students who may have missed lessons in their earlier math education or forgotten their math education learned in younger years... elementary through adult, these programs are age appropriate... now, that's unique!

Adult math students preparing for the GED test or the TABE enjoy the ease of use of our software. Adult education courses have used MathMedia software successfully. Adults learning math with MathMedia's learning system progress comfortably learning math for the first time or returning to their math education. Math problems and math word problems with math help are presented in a straightforward manner as if the student is sitting with a math tutor Adult math students who are intimidated by math, need not be. Whether using MathMedia as GED math practice, TABE math practice or preparing for college placement exams or completing a math requirement or preparing for the NET (Nurse Entrance Test), or subject exams for teachers (such as the CSET), this educational software is appropriate for adult math education. Math problems are explained and practiced with step-by-step solutions offered to the perplexed adult math student. Hints are always available for that extra little push to get the student going.

Many adults are returning to school facing basic math requirements on material they have long forgotten or never learned very well in the first place. They are faced with passing tests to become nurses, teachers, or for job placement and advancement. When accepting the challenge of improving their skills, adult math students generally have the motivation to stick with their math education if they have a vehicle they can understand easily. MathMedia math educational software is that vehicle. Specifically, the MathMedia Basic Math software will address all the topics covered in most of these exams (GED, ABE, NET, Praxis, Accuplacer Assessment Testing, Vocational Training Education, Job Corps, Urban League).

Adult education is already stressful for adults who usually have many other commitments. Adult learners preparing for these tests want no-nonsense and cut-to-the-chase ways to learn the math education they need and move on. MathMedia math software programs for adults provides adult education students with a means to accomplish their goals.

For basic math practice, go straight to the topics needed or take the test to determine weaknesses and then study specific topics. Taking the Praxis? Praxis test preparation for middle school math teachers is a click away. Taking the S.A.T. or the A.C.T.? Review all of basic math, algebra basics, and geometry basics in this one Basic Math Software package. Your math tutor is available to you at any time and anywhere. That is the beauty of learning math on your own. Whether you are preparing for the GED test or the TABE, the NET for nurses or the Praxis test for teachers, or just an adult wishing to give yourself another chance at unlocking the mystery of math you have come to right place.
To view the specifics about these adult math tutoring software programs and see sample screens, click on the upper left menu bar under "Basic Math" software programs. These programs are appropriate for both beginning young leaners and adult students returning to their math education.
Train for the right skills:
Electricians - Be ready to lay down the trans-continental power grids.
Health Care - Be ready to help the "boomers" for the next 30-40 years.
Educators - Be ready to strengthen our nation by teaching BASIC math skills from Arithmetic to Calculus.
(By the way, if you work your way up the math education curriculum step-by-step, you will find that Calculus is not so difficult!)
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